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My Walk with Jesus

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Before Judy wrote this workbook, she spent time thinking about her relationship with Jesus. She questioned herself about how close she is to Jesus. Is He just a person that she read about in a book called the Bible? Did she know Him from arm’s length? 

She concluded that to truly walk with Jesus, her relationship with Him must be personal. She has found if she puts herself at the Savior’s side as He teaches her the words of life, she can achieve that close relationship she desires.  

Judy's goal is to bring each reader into an intimate relationship with Jesus as we hear Him teach the will of our Father. Together, in My Walk with Jesus, we will walk the dusty roads of Galilee with our Savior and share in His trials and suffering. Let us give thanks to the Holy Spirit for revealing the life, death, and resurrection of Christ our Savior. Only through our Savior do we have the hope of glory.

About the author:

Judy Root’s love has always been for teaching. She spent 35 wonderful years teaching children with special needs. After she retired, she had more time to be with her husband George and enjoy hobbies of gardening, watercolor painting, and photography.  

Retirement also gave her the pleasure of teaching children’s Bible classes of all ages. She has found one of her greatest joys has been teaching ladies Bible classes. She owes a debt of gratitude to the ladies of Lenexa Church of Christ for supporting her with their attendance and by encouraging her with their kind words.   

Her personal goal in life is this: “When I take my last conscious breath, I want to be at the strongest spiritual point in my life.” 

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