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Get Published

Spiritbuilding Publishers is enthusiastically seeking new authors with fresh materials for publication. Areas of interest include Bible class books and workbooks. We also are interested in text for e-books, with fiction being included as a genre. We generally respond to proposals within two to four weeks.

We work hard to cut costs and keep our prices reasonable while providing a quality product.

Manuscript submissions should be complete when submitted, with clipart, photographs, charts, graphics, etc. Adding these things later costs time and money.

If you submit a manuscript, you may also submit a cover design, have one done and submit it, or we will design ONE cover for you at no charge. After that, new cover designs can be created at the standard rate of $100 per hour. (Photographers and artists don’t work for free.)

Click Here for our Manuscript Submission Guidelines

    Submit to office @ or send via mail to Spiritbuilding Publishers, 9700 Ferry Road, Waynesville, OH 45068