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Hearing the Holy: Restoring the Devotional Reading of Scripture

by DeWard
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When God speaks, God’s people should listen. This sort of devotional approach to reading the Bible will do wonders for our spiritual growth.

Hearing the Holy calls for a restoration of the devotional reading of Scripture in our churches. Once upon a time, people did not read Scripture so much for information. They read wanting formation. When the pages were opened it was believed that God was about to be encountered. When God speaks, God’s people should listen. It was a kind of reading that expected a very real encounter to occur. This sort of devotional approach to reading the Bible will do wonders for our spiritual growth.


Come to the feast, allow Bryan Nash to lead you to a richer, life-giving engagement with scripture. You won't read the Bible the same way again after reading Bryan's wonderful invitation to the enjoyment of God's word.
Will Willimon
Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry
Duke Divinity School

Bryan Nash provides a simple, but profound, path for seeking God through reading Scripture. As one who has practiced this kind of spiritual discipling, I highly recommend Bryan's work as a way to embrace what God is doing in our hearts and lives in the light of how God uses the Word for our good and for communion with the Father, Son, and Spirit.
John Mark Hicks
Professor of Theology
Lipscomb University

For Bible readers longing for a more holistic experience of Scripture, Bryan Nash offers effective teaching and creative practices to guide your spiritual journey.
Sara Barton
Pepperdine University Chaplain

Nash points us to God's Word with vigor and creativity. For those who think they have to wait until they are a scholar to get into God's Word, Hearing the Holy provides a different way. For those who think they are obviously getting into God's Word because they are scholars, Hearing the Holy offers a powerful challenge. Put down you note pad, pull out your knee pads, and be encouraged to read God's Word devotionally. It might just change your life.
Edwin Crozier
Author of 
Give Attention to Reading