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Songs of Faith Hymn Study Student Workbook

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13 lessons to help your congregation sing more effectively

Do you ever wonder if you are giving and getting all that you should from singing hymns? Do you ever come across words or phrases that you do not fully understand? Do you ask yourself if you are fulfilling the instructions given in Scripture? 

This workbook was created with the intent of beginning and guiding you through a discussion of some of the songs of faith that you sing. The idea is to spark a desire to better understand what is in the hymns. Sometimes that may be achieved by looking at the words of the hymns themselves. It also comes by looking at the thoughts or biblical truths behind the words.

The idea is for you to gain a deeper connection to the songs, each other, and the Lord as you sing. If you delve into songs and talk about them together, the next time you sing them, hopefully, you will get more out of the experience, and, contribute to more unity, more understanding, more encouragement, and more praise. 

Songs of Praise will help you sing from the heart with feeling and emotion, but also with an understanding of what you are singing. It will help you do your best to give your best.

Format: Student Workbook