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Wake Up! Sober Up! The Road to Spiritual Sobriety

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Wake up, Sober Up is an eight-chapter study that challenges the reader to wake up and evaluate attitudes, behaviors and conditions which negatively impact their distinctiveness, influence, and efficacy as witnesses and disciples of Christ.

Often, we are oblivious to the subtleties that chip away at our calling in Christ and the convictions we once held so dearly.

We may find ourselves going through the motions, unmotivated and uninspired, living day to day in ritualistic fashion without any concern for our spiritual responsibilities. However, to remain in a spiritual stupor or state of indifference will render us fruitless and useless for the work of our Lord. It’s high time that we arise from the drunkenness of sin and take hold of God’s gift of salvation! 

This study is to encourage all to remain sober and alert while traveling the narrow road leading to everlasting life.

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  • 78 Pages Softcover
  • 6 x 9 x .5 inches
  • Preview the Workbook
  • eBook (PDF) for Individual Use Available
  • eBook (PDF) for Class Use Available
Format: Workbook