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Conviction vs. Mercy: Merging the Two in Dealing with Modern Spiritual Challenges

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Conviction or mercy? Which characteristic should most exemplify those who want to follow Christ? Many Christians tend to emphasize one or the other, but not both. This book emphasizes the importance of merging the two to be truly like Christ. Though combining mercy and conviction has always been a challenge throughout history, it is especially difficult now as our culture is increasingly affected by a postmodern worldview and the backlash against it.

144 pages. Paperback.


Both convictions, based on a commonsense reasoning of the word of God, and mercy, based on God's character, are essential in imitating and serving Him. They are not mutually exclusive, but rather should be inseparable companions. The tragedy today, however, is that many good people want to emphasize only one of the other, often correctly noticing the excesses of those who take the opposite side, while blithely oblivious to their own.

If we're honest, most of us must admit knowing of places where the preaching of the ancient gospel has been hindered by the proud, know-it-all "Church of Christers" who have been quick to argue but either slow or completely unwilling to humbly serve others in their communities.