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Revealing Revelation

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Living out his final days in the prison of Patmos, John endured much heartbreak. Until the day of the Heavenly invite: “Come up here and I will show you…” John would stand on the threshold of eternity and live to write about it. That’s what makes the book at the end of the Bible so intriguing. And, as John was never the same, so it is for those who dare to open the eyes of faith and see what he saw.

Thanks to Weldon E. Warnock and his scholarly yet practical approach to John’s Revelation. Thanks to Luke Weldon Adams for his painstaking work in retyping and revising this special work. We believe this book will serve as a valuable resource for years to come.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1—The Background
  • Chapter 2—The Preface (1:1–8)
  • Chapter 3—The Majestic Christ (1:9–20)
  • Chapter 4—Jesus in the Churches (2:1–3:22)
  • Chapter 5—The Throne Scene (4:1–5:14)
  • Chapter 6—The Seven Seals (6:1–8:5)
  • Chapter 7—The Seven Trumpets (8:6–11:19)
  • Chapter 8—The Seven Personages (12:1–14:20)
  • Chapter 9—The Seven Bowls of Wrath (15:1–16:21)
  • Chapter 10—The Doom of Babylon (17:1–18:24)
  • Chapter 11—The Vision of Victory (19:1–20:15)
  • Chapter 12—The New Jerusalem (21:1–22:5)
  • Chapter 13—The Conclusion (22:6–21)