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Worthy Woman's Daily Journal: A 365 Day Devotional Journal

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Discover the empowering journey of faith, love, and spiritual growth in Michelle Thompson's 365-day devotional journal for the "Worthy Woman". Specially crafted for women navigating the complexities of life, this beautifully woven daily guide combines scripture reading and journaling to offer solace, motivation, and a pathway to inner peace.

Born from the troubling times of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Worthy Woman's Daily Journal offers a spiritual refuge to anyone feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or discouraged by the state of the world. The scriptures and reflections in this devotional journal were initially shared as daily scripture texts to a group of women with whom the author worships, serving as a beacon of encouragement and stability amidst uncertainty.

Organized into weekly themes, this journal encourages you to engage with scripture, reflect on its teachings, and cultivate faith in your daily life.

Pair this journal with The Worthy Woman's Handbook by Michelle! 

About the Author:

Michelle Thompson is a dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother, living in the North Dallas area. Over the past forty years, she has taught Bible studies and provided spiritual guidance to women and new converts. For nearly twenty years, she has conducted an ongoing Bible study for young mothers in her home to assist them in raising godly children. This book stands as a natural extension of her unwavering commitment to sharing spiritual wisdom and fostering resilience in an increasingly uncertain world.

Whether you're a seasoned believer or a novice to the world of devotionals, Michelle Thompson's Worthy Woman's Daily Journal: A 365-Day Devotional Journal is a great companion for every step of your spiritual journey. Experience a year of growth and spiritual enrichment with this inspiring devotional journal. Order your copy today!

Book Details:

  • 374 pages; spiral bound.
  • 8.5 x 11 x 2 inches
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  • eBook (PDF) available for individual use.
Format: Journal