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Wings Like Eagles: Reflections on Life in the Lord Volume 5: Acts-Galatians by David King

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Early Christianity not only disrupted Greco-Roman society, it also laid the foundation for the emergence of our Western Civilization. The original Jesus movement was not a quest for power, but the promotion of a radical idea—that all people are of equal worth and equally loved by God. Ironically, the story of how that idea took root and transformed Western culture owes much to the work of a former enemy of the movement.

In a career spanning several decades working with a single congregation, David King wrote hundreds of articles for the church’s weekly bulletin. This volume is a selection of those articles, based on the story of Christianity’s early history.

 Praise for the Wings Like Eagle Series:

“David writes with keen insight and a style that is easy to read and understand. Isn’t that what we ask of any author? Engage me. Help me understand valuable, life-altering concepts. Drive the point home in such a way that compels a change of life. And do it without excessive verbiage and tedious writing. David does this masterfully in these short essays on both oft-studied Scriptures and those verses that lie in the shadows awaiting someone to illuminate their heretofore unexamined truth.” — Chuck Durham

 “In Wings Like Eagles, David King shows deft handling of the biblical text while discussing rich and complex topics. This book reads like a devotional commentary on Acts-Galatians, providing not only insight but directions for application for the serious Bible student. Deep but never wordy, this work is ideal for short daily readings to springboard the reader into further meditation.” — Jacob Hudgins

David King retired in 2021 following a long career working with the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ in Wichita, Kansas. He currently serves the congregation as an elder. He and his wife, Melissa, have four children and seventeen grandchildren.

  • 446 pages. Soft cover, perfect bound.