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Why I Left

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The Nine Speeches of the Vickery Boulevard, Fort Worth, Texas, Lectureship of October 25 to 29 and November 1 to 4, 1948.

This book was designed to show why each of the nine men pictured on the front cover of this book left their religious belief system without forsaking their belief in the Bible. Their story allows one to look into their mind and into the reasons which they gave for doing what they did. Though their stories were first told over fifty years ago, the subject matter is still interesting, relevant, and a matter of public record.

The nine chapters in the book are:

  • Why I Left the Christian Church, Floyd A. Decker
  • Why I Left the Presbyterian Church, Horace Busby
  • Why I Left the Baptist Church, Grover Stevens
  • Why I Left the Methodist Church, Claude B. Holcomb
  • Why I Left the Nazarene Church, Waymon D. Miller
  • Why I Left the Lutheran Church, Claude Guild
  • Why I Left the World, Luther Blackmon
  • Why I Left the Catholic Church, Joe Malone
  • Why I Left the Anti-Class Position, L.W. Hayhurst
The world is indebted to two ministers in Fort Worth, Texas who arranged these speeches, edited and published this book--Thomas L. Campbell, and Guy W. Caskey.