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Unsung Heroes: 26 Lessons from Minor Characters of the New Testament

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Christians often look for a place to serve. 

We know a lot about the major characters of the New Testament: Paul, Peter, James, John, etc., and of course the Lord Jesus Himself. Also sprinkled among the pages of the New Testament are names mentioned almost in passing, quick references to people whose duties and deeds are not given much attention, people like Onesimus, Tertius, Phoebe. With a little study and thought, we discover they were involved in vital areas of spiritual work. 

This series of 26 lessons shows us that the church family depends just as much on the likes of Archippus and Epaphras, names we often forget, as it does Paul and Peter. 

Whether you are a new Christian or mature in the faith, this book will help you appreciate the contributions that every Christian can and should make to the work of the church. 

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