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Truth for Today Commentary: Ezekiel by Denny Petrillo, Ph.D.

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The Book of Ezekiel, written to the exiled Jews in Babylon, teaches many important truths about the nature of God, justice, and hope for a displaced people. Dr. Denny Petrillo gives detailed explanations of this text, bringing the rich lessons from the sixth century B.C. into our world - a world in great need Of God's justice and message of hope. Everyone who reads this book will have a greater appreciation for who God is and how He works in our lives.

"Dr. Denny Petrillo's reflections on the prophetic Book of Ezekiel are both insightful and practical for anyone attempting to understand or teach this great book. His knowledge of the original language, his strict devotion to literary context, and his thorough knowledge of the Bible text in general makes him uniquely qualified for this task. His years of work with the church also make his insights very practical for believers of today.
Dan R.0wen, Ph.D., pulpit minister Broadway church of Christ, Paducah, Kentucky

"An easy-to-read commentary that applies the truth of the Scriptures to everyone's life."

The Truth for Today Commentary series is being written in an effort to complete a commentary on every book in the Bible. This series is being written by Bible professors and preachers of the churches of Christ, congregations dedicated to being the church that Jesus built. Using the NASB 1995 updated edition, each volume provides remarks on virtually every verse, and each chapter ends with an application section Which offers suggestions for developing sermons and Bible classes.