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This World is Not Your Home

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No matter who you are, what you’ve done, what you believe, or even what you refuse to believe, someday you will leave this earthly life. At that time, your soul—the invisible and yet very real part of you—will find itself in a completely otherworldly existence. Decisions you are making now will affect how you experience what lies ahead of you. How is that decision-making process going for you?

You—whoever you are—were meant to be with God in His world, and He has done everything necessary to make this happen. This thought gives your earthly existence not only closure, but a destination. This also gives your earthly life meaning, purpose, and hope. God’s intention is not to bring harm to you, but just the opposite: He wants to bring you home. What is your intention?

This World Is Not Your Home is the boldest, most candid, and most intriguing book by Chad Sychtysz to date. It pulls back the curtain to the great cosmic drama between “the darkness” and the Light, but never at the expense of divinely-revealed truth. It addresses the afterlife in a way that likely you have never heard it covered before. Whether or not you are a Christian, This World Is Not Your Home may be the most unsettling, fascinating, and informative book on the future of all human souls that you will ever read.

  • 265 pages. Soft Cover. Perfect Bound
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