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The New Testament Pattern: God's Blueprint for Christians and Their Churches

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What passes for “Christian religion” today is appalling. People call Christ “Lord” but do not listen to what He says. Churches claim the Bible is God’s word yet promote human teachings that defy biblical authority. Modern “Christianity” is often more about gratifying human expectations than honoring divinely revealed truth. 

Those who honor Christ as the head of His church will follow His full instruction. Yet, it is impossible to honor Him while at the same time doing whatever seems right in one’s own eyes. All resistance against Christ is a form of unbelief, no matter who does the resisting. 

The correction to all religious error is simple and doable: return to Christ’s original pattern, the New Testament instruction. This pattern defines how Christians are made, how they are to live, and how they are to function collectively. You do not have to be a biblical scholar to read and understand the pattern. All you need is an open Bible, an open heart, and a genuine desire to learn God’s word in its proper context. 

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