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The Gospel of the Resurrection (Heritage of Faith Library)

by DeWard
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B. F. Westcott 

In this book the author discusses the gospel resurrection and how it shaped the first church and continues to shape our lives today. Let him broaden your view of the resurrection of Christ and how it continues to impact our generation and will affect generations to come.

Gospel – Resurrection: Inseparable Truths

In this classic work,  The Gospel of the Resurrection, B. F. Westcott offers not just a historical defense of the resurrection but also a wide-ranging exploration of the significance of the resurrection for the individual, for the church, for nations, for mankind, and at the widest reach, for creation itself. “The question at issue,” he says, “is a view of the whole Universe, of all being and of all life, of man and of the world, and of God.” New introduction by Dr. Timothy McGrew.

224 pages 5.5 x 8.5 x .51 inches