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The Devil, Demons, and Angels

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What does the Bible say about the origin of Satan, the demons who help him, and the angels of God? There is a lot of speculation about these things, but only the Bible can definitively give us answers about this unseen realm. This workbook doesn't seek to speculate, but rather to give us a guide to study through the Bible on this topic.

Content Includes:

  • Why Study This?
  • Origins
  • Satan's Character
  • Satan's Character - Names/Descriptions of the Devil
  • Satan's Snares 
  • Demons and Unclean Spirits
  • Demon Possession
  • Our Fight With Satan & His Angels
  • Angels in the Old Testament
  • Angels in the Old Testament (2)
  • Angels in the Life of Christ
  • Angels in the New Testament
  • Angels in the New Testament (2)