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Studies in Church History: Essays in Honor of Daniel W. Petty

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STUDIES IN CHURCH HISTORY - Essays in Honor of Daniel W. Petty

Because Dan’s PhD degree from Texas Christian University was in history with an emphasis on church history, and many of the courses Dan taught at Florida College were in the discipline of church history, the contributors to this volume have written essays relating to church history. In addition, Chairman McClister has chosen to include seven lectures and festschrift essays Dan wrote that were previously published by the Florida College Press.

Preface . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vii H. E. “Buddy” Payne, Jr.

Part 1: Historical Essays
Biblical Studies and Studies in Early Christianity
1. A History of the Interpretation of Paul’s Dialogue with Judaism - David McClister
2. Parting the Waves, Parting the Ways: The Identity of Christ and Christianity in the Early Church - Jared W. Saltz
3. Millennialism in the Patristic Period - Jason Longstreth
4. The Octavius: Ancient Apologetics for Modern Times - Doy Moyer
Studies in Church History and the History of Theology
5. The Passions and the Christian Life - Will Dilbeck
6. Anselm and the Ontological Argument -Nathan Ward
7. Martin Luther’s View of Baptism - Tommy Peeler
8. Learning Church History Through Travel - Ferrell Jenkins
9. The Hope of the Resurrection - Shane Scott
10. Postmodern Challenges to Theology and Ethics - Ray Madrigal

Studies in Restoration History
11. The Second Great Awakening, Resultant Divisions, and Their Influence Upon the Disciples’ Movement - C. G. "Colly" Caldwell
12. Five "Restorers" who Abandoned John Calvin’s View of Sin and Salvation - Melvin D. Curry
13. David Lipscomb and the Growth of Churches of Christ - J. Curtis Pope
14. The Family Qualification of "Husband of One Wife" for Overseers of Churches of Christ: A History -Tom Hamilton

Part 2: Essays by Dan Petty
15. The Worship of the Church
16. Millennialism in the Early Church
17. All that Jesus Began to Do and Teach
18. The Signs of Jesus in the Gospel of John
19. Elect in Christ
20. Give Us a King
21.The Relationship Between Church and State