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Return to Sender: Shepherds, Sheep, Service, and Stress

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This book is not limited to shepherds but is addressed to all sheep who share the blessings of God's great gift to mankind. All shepherds have, by necessity, been are still are sheep. The pageant of life itself can teach great lessons if personal ambition and ego don't prevent the learning process. We all stand accountable to God for our individual roles. Who is to say that one member's job is less important than that of another? There is sheer peril when an individual thinks his life is more valuable to God than another. "Servant" is the highest rank for any member. Together we are to join hearts and hold each other securely in the flock while beckoning to others who do not have Christ.

Praise for Return to Sender

Grady Troute's book offers inspiration, insight and information. This is a book to be read over and over. It will encourage the Christian to live with a greater zest for the faith and hope brought into this world through Jesus Christ. - Dr. Virgil Trout.

In my time spent with Grady he has been a wonderful shepherd, teacher and friend. I am so excited that through this book many more people will get to share in some of the knowledge that I have been blessed to experience on a firsthand basis. - Wade McKnight Youth and Family Minister Southern Oaks Church of Christ. 

The print medium now allows an ever-widening audience to be moved by the momentum of Grady's faith. I am honored to know this man of God. - Tom McLure, Ministries Leader of the Village Life Community Church, Mountain Brook, AL.

The Centerville Church of Christ in Centerville, Ohio blessed Grady Troute with three decades of service as a shepherd. Grady (d. 2019) was married to Sharon Shipley Troute, who has written several articles for Christian Woman Magazine, and she has been most helpful to Grady in his writing efforts.