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Marks of a True Christian

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Transform your spiritual life with "Marks of a True Christian" by Matthew Allen. This study of Romans 12 offers a deep dive into the essence of Christian living. Through twelve insightful and engaging lessons, Allen unpacks themes such as genuine love, humility, and spiritual zeal, guiding readers to embody the true marks of a Christian.

"Marks of a True Christian" is a detailed and practical exploration of Romans 12. This workbook is designed to help believers of all stages understand and apply the core principles of Christian life. Each chapter offers a look at the biblical text as well as practical advice, making it an invaluable resource for personal growth and spiritual enrichment.

Key Features

  • In-depth Study: Discover the teachings of Romans 12 with a focus on living a life of purpose and thankfulness.
  • Twelve Engaging Lessons: Structured lessons that cover crucial themes like living sacrifices, humility, love, spiritual fervor, and more.
  • Practical Advice: Each chapter includes actionable steps and thoughtful reflections to help you apply biblical principles in daily life.
  • For Individual or Group Study: Perfect for personal devotion or group discussions, fostering a deeper connection with your faith community.

Table of Contents

  1. Living Sacrifices
  2. Don’t Be Conformed, Be Transformed
  3. Discerning the Will of God
  4. Do Not Think Too Highly of Yourself
  5. Where Do You Fit?
  6. Genuine Love
  7. Outdo One Another in Sharing Love
  8. Fervent in the Spirit
  9. Rejoice in Hope
  10. Contributing to the Needs of the Saints
  11. Bless Those Who Persecute You
  12. Live in Harmony with One Another

Why You'll Love This Book
Matthew Allen's "Marks of a True Christian" offers a clear and compelling roadmap for those seeking to deepen their faith and live out the principles of Christianity. By emphasizing practical application and thoughtful reflection, this book encourages readers to transform their spiritual lives and impact their churches and family positively.

About the Growth Tracks Series

Spiritbuilding Growth Tracks Bible Study Series


A brand-new series of workbooks launched by Spiritbuilding in 2023, Growth Tracks is perfect for young adults and mature Christians alike. They are designed to uplift, strengthen, and encourage you, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.



Product Details

  • Title: Marks of a True Christian: A Study of Romans 12
  • Author: Matthew Allen
  • Publisher: Spiritbuilding Publishers
  • ISBN: 978-1-964805-01-6
  • Format: Paperback, Perfect Bound
  • Pages: 45


★★★★★ "A must-read for anyone serious about their Christian walk. Each lesson is both challenging and encouraging." - Michael D.

★★★★☆ "Matthew Allen has done an excellent job of making Romans 12 accessible and applicable. Highly recommend for small group studies." - Steve C.

Format: Workbook