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Psalms on Anxiety and Depression: God's Toolbox for Mental Health

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Psalms on Anxiety and Depression: God’s Toolbox for Mental Health by Lauren Bassford is a 13-lesson workbook considering how the psalms address the problems of anxiety and depression. Each lesson begins with a particular psalm and then the explores what the Holy Spirit teaches us about coping with these issues in each psalm. The lessons end with projects aimed at helping the student implement the principles learned from each psalm.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. The Physical Effects of Mental Health
  4. Answering with Authenticity
  5. Psalms and Happy Endings
  6. Answering with Meditation
  7. Psalms and Uncertainty
  8. Answering with Repetition
  9. Psalms, Sin, and Mental Illness
  10. Answering with Speaking Truth
  11. Psalms and Hopelessness
  12. Psalms and Isolation
  13. Answering with Challenges
  14. Review