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Out of the Ashes: 12 Redemption Stories from the Gospels

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What did it mean to be a leper during the time of Jesus? 

What would life be like for a paralytic in Palestine? Did you know there were many in the Jewish community who believed these conditions were a punishment from God for some type of wrong committed? 

What would it have been like to have been known
as the village sinner?

In Out of the Ashes, Matthew Allen explores the plight of 12 individuals who got to meet Jesus in a unique way. Taken captive by circumstances that overpowered them, they were all in misery. Pain, stigma, and discomfort had led them all to a state of desperation. They needed a deliverer; Someone outside of the situation who had both the desire and means to remove them from danger. Someone who saw who they could be rather than what they were. They found deliverance in Jesus.

Jesus is the great Physician, by whose stripes we are healed. Every day, as we grow together as disciples, we share in His healing. We show others how God has the power to remake and turn people into glorious images reflecting His love and character. This workbook is an intriguing and challenging study on twelve stories of redemption that will help you appreciate your own deliverance and provide you with inspiration to share the gospel with others.

Format: Workbook