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My Thank You Bible - All You've Made

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Playful new series on gratefulness: Four board books with right-side flaps and new-to-the-market illustrations by the color-loving illustrator Gavin Scott.

A fun and very interactive series, that invites reflection by encouraging kids to consider their own world and what matters to them. A clever use of flaps enhances the brilliant switch between Bible stories and corresponding, present-day scenes which add relevant context, so children can relate on a personal level.  

With these flip-the-flap titles, you get high value for your money (big books at a small price). The board material and the padded cover makes the book “buff’, making both the retail and translation work worth the investment.

Key Selling Points

  • Clever use of flaps: the switch between Bibel scene and prayer prompt makes good sense and is very amusing
  • Easy to connect the relevancy of the Biblical story with the personal application in the present day scene.
  • High value product-series
  • Promotes active prayer-life for children
  • Useful in home or group settings (home, schools, libraries, Sunday schools, etc.)