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Let This Cup Pass

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What happens to a Christian and his faith when troubles hit? Should he blame God? Or should he trust God regardless of circumstances? Let This Cup Pass is born out of years of struggling with the question, “Why does God allow suffering?” Jane McWhorter brings light and hope through a biblical study of the nature of suffering. Prepare now to strengthen your faith for the time of trials. Your faith can grow stronger with the years. Each chapter includes suggestions for class use.

Table of Contents:

Part I - General Principles

  • 1. But God Prepared a Worm - Why?
  • 2. Why? Doesn't God Love Us?
  • 3. How Can We Prepare Before Trouble Comes?
  • 4. How Can We Handle Problems When They Come?

Part II - Specific Problems

  • 5. The Cup of Petty Annoyances
  • 6. The Cup of Feeling Inadequate
  • 7. The Cup of Unjust Criticism
  • 8. The Cup of Indifference
  • 9. The Cup of Unfaithful Children
  • 10. The Cup of Loneliness
  • 11. The Cup of Sickness
  • 12. The Cup of Death - A Loved One
  • 13. The Cup of Death - Our Own

161 pages. Workbook.