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Jesus Our Example: Book 5 Softcover

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Jesus Our Example Book 4 is the fourth of five books that focus upon the life of Jesus Christ -- what He did, how He acted, and how he reacted.

This book continues the examination into the life of Jesus -- looking at His example and challenging people to strive to imitate His glorious example, to be like Him!


 "He Complimented the Devoted"

"He Did Tasks That Were Beneath Him to Serve Others"

"He Prayed to His Father for Himself and for His Followers"

"He Prayed for Strength to Face Terrifying Circumstances"

"He Fearlessly Confronted Those Coming to Arrest Him"

"He Was Compassionate to Others Despite their Opposition to Him"

"He Gave No Answer to False Charges"

"He Cared More for Others Than Himself"

"He Was Eager to Discuss, Understand, and Teach the Law"

"He Warned People About Future Potholes"

"He Endured Unbelievable Mistreatment Without Retaliation"

"He Comforted the Fearful and Distraught"

"He Challenged the Guilty With Hope and Direction"

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