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Jesus Our Example: Book 4 Hardcover

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Jesus Our Example Book 4 is the fourth of five books that focus upon the life of Jesus Christ -- what He did, how He acted, and how he reacted.

This book continues the examination into the life of Jesus -- looking at His example and challenging people to strive to imitate His glorious example, to be like Him!


 "He used Immediate Things to Teach Truth"

"He was not Afraid to Tell the Truth"

"He Enjoyed Hospitality"

"He Even Helped the Ungrateful"

"He Made Time for Parents and Children"

"He Confronted Dissension and Bickering Head On"

"He Loved the Lost"

He Appreciated and Would Not Chastise Those who Praised the Right Things"

"He Took Outcasts and Made Them Dynamic People"

"He Wisely Left Jerusalem When the Jews Determined to Kill Him"

"He was Broken hearted over the Impenitent"

"He Rebuked Those who Criticized Good Works"

"He Brilliantly Silenced His Critics"