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Jesus Our Example: Book 3

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Jesus Our Example Book 3 is the third of five books that focus upon the life of Jesus Christ -- what He did, how He acted, and how he reacted.

This book continues the examination into the life of Jesus -- looking at His example and challenging people to strive to imitate His glorious example, to be like Him!


"He Comforted And Complimented The Courageous"

"His Amazing Compassion!"

"He Pointed Out The Inconsistencies Of Attackers"

"He Did Not Try To Force Himself Upon Unbelievers"

"He Made Time For Prayer Away From Crowds And Hectic Work"

"He Calmed The Fearful"

"When Falsely Accused, He Responded With True Accusations"

"He Did Not Bow To Men's Traditions That Were Their Laws, Not His!"

"He Was Not Afraid Of Offending People"

"He Commended The Determined"

"He Was Concerned About People's Physical Needs"

"He Helped The Confused To Understand"

"He Did Not Grant Every Request Of His Disciples"