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Isaiah: Trust in the Holy One of Israel

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Written by Robert Harkrider.

Trust in the Holy One of Israel

Twenty-six lessons covering the book of Isaiah. Each lesson contains textual material for study, short answer questions, true-false questions, a research question, and a thought question. 6x9.


Isaiah has been long recognized as "the dean of all Old Testament prophets," and his book as the most Messianic of all who wrote. This in no way minimizes or disparages the work of God's other great spokes-men of the past dispensation. It simply recognizes that he is the one whom God endowed and inspired with the greatest insight of Him who was to come. Every Bible student who has neglected the study of Isaiah has deprived himself of a rich treasure of spiritual knowledge and insight.

In Isaiah's prophecy:

  1. Jehovah is exalted to the pinnacle of Old Testament revelation.
  2. Jehovah's servant, the redeemer who should come, is revealed in His glorious relation to Jehovah, in His redemptive work, and as the central theme of God's scheme of redemption.
  3. In spite of their sins, God would not completely cast off His people, but would preserve a remnant who would share in the Servant's glory.
  4. Zion would be restored and exalted, be made glorious by the presence of Jehovah, the Servant and the redeemed remnant.
  5. The Gentiles would be brought in by His redemptive sacrifice, and would add to the glory of Zion.

Isaiah saw all this and recorded it for us. My esteemed friend, Robert Harkrider, has done another excellent job in providing this workbook, and also has made a worthwhile contribution to helpful study material for those who would begin an acquaintance with this part of God's word. Using this book as a guide and aid in his study, the student will find himself growing "in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" as the prophets revealed Him and His mission. Bob has well outlined Isaiah's book, and offered sound summaries of the text.

It has been a privilege to have been asked to read the manuscript. I gladly recommend the book to all who would become better acquainted with Isaiah and his revelation of God's servant and redeemer who was to come and has now been manifested. Teachers will find the book invaluable in conducting a study in Isaiah. I trust that the book will find a ready reception among teachers and students. Homer Hailey


ASSYRIAN PERIOD, chapters 1-39: 

  • Part I: God's Complaint Against Judah And Jerusalem, ch. 1-12
  • Part II: God Is Sovereign Over All Nations, ch. 13-27.
  • Part III: The Only Source Of True Deliverance Is The Lord Of Hosts, ch. 28-39.


BABYLONIAN PERIOD, chapters 40-66: 

  • Part IV: A Contrast Between The One True God And Idols, ch. 40-48
  • Part V: The Lord's Servant Will Bring Salvation Through Vicarious Suffering, ch. 49-57.
  • Part VI: The Future Glory God Has Promised For His People, The New Zion, ch. 58-66