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I Sought for a Man: Teaching Men to be Real Men: God's Men

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Written by Robert Harkrider.

Teaching Men to be Real Men: God's Men

Twenty-five lessons. Each lesson contains textual material for study, short answer questions, and true-false questions. 6x9.


This study guide workbook has been written as a counterpart to the many excellent books prepared to train Godly women how to be good wives and mothers. Most of the books available to train men deal with how to lead in prayer, wait on the Lord's table, or how to make announcements, etc. While these topics need to be taught, the writer felt there is also a need to instruct Godly men how to be good husbands, fathers, and businessmen.

This workbook is set forth with an earnest prayer that it will serve as a useful tool toward instructing men in the knowledge of how to be faithful in their God-given role of leadership in the family, the world, and in the kingdom of our Lord.

  • Section I: The Christian Man Who Is a Real Man
  • Section II: The Christian Man as a Husband
  • Section III: The Christian Man as a Father
  • Section IV: The Christian Man and His Money
  • Section V: The Christian Man and His Neighbors
  • Section VI: The Christian Man and His God