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How to Study Difficult Passages of the Bible Hardcover

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How to Study Difficult Passages of The Bible

"Difficult Passages" are Scriptures that seem to contradict other Biblical Truths. How do you react when you come to such passages? Skip over them? Grab a commentary? Ask your preacher? Feel inadequate? Or do you try to find the answer yourself?

In this book, Stephen Rogers gives the reader is given principles to assist him to interpret Biblical Truth. He is challenged to learn how to think critically for himself. Using the illustration of a tool box and tools, Rogers urges students to open up their interpretation tool box and use the correct tools to tackle and solve difficult passages.

Then twelve difficult passages are addressed. The text is presented, the student is asked to identify the problem, select the tools that he can use to solve the problem, evaluate all of the possible solutions he can contemplate, and then to evaluate each of those possible solutions using the Biblical tools he has selected.

The goal of this material is to help the student become an excellent and confident interpreter of Scripture. Take the challenge; get started; grow in your understanding of God's Word and in your confidence to understand It.


"Simple Suggestions For Successful Bible Study!"

"Grammar Problems - 'So' Or 'Thus;' 'Unworthy' and 'Unworthily!'"

"Parables: The Unjust Steward"

"Translation Issues: Seeming Contradictions"

"Translation Issues: Capitalization"

"Translation Issues: "Cannot Sin."

"Meaning Of Phrases: 'Not Under Bondage;' And 'Abide In The Calling."

"Controversial Events: Jephthah"

"Difficult Biblical Concepts: Predestination, Election, And Choice"

"Figurative Language"

"Different Usage Of Words"

"You Are Lukewarm And Neither Cold Nor Hot"