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God's Eternal Purpose: A Study of Ephesians by Ferrel Jenkins

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A Workbook on Ephesians

The epistle to the Ephesians gives one an insight into the mind of God and His plan for the salvation of man. This is the second in a series of adult workbooks on the New Testament. The text of the New American Standard Bible is conveniently printed with each lesson.

Table of Contents:

Abbreviations, Preface
Chronological Survey of the New Testament - Chart
1 - Background of the Ephesian Church
2 - Getting the Overview, Letters of the Ancient World
3 - Blessings in Christ
4 - Prayer for Enlightenment
5 - The New Creation
6 - The Reconciled
7 - The Mystery Revealed
8 - Unity and the Sufficiency and Maturity of the Church
9 - The Character and Conduct of the Saint
10 - Walk as Children of Light - Eph. 5:18b-20 Analyzed (chart)
11 - The Glorious Church - Husbands and Wives
12 - Children and Fathers; Slaves and Masters, The Prison Episltes
13 - The Full Armor of God, The Christian's Warfare (chart)

by Ferrell Jenkins.
Workbook, 58 pages.