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Evangelism Made Simple: How to do it Manual (a Teacher's Handbook for Saving Souls)

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Evangelism Made Simple - How To Do It!
is a companion book with two other books, Evangelism Made Simple - You CAN DO It! and The Gospel Made Simple - You CAN KNOW It! These three books form a comprehensive method of teaching the Gospel to those eager to know it.

This powerful, proven, and effective material that emphasizes:

  • The certainty of Christian faith.
  • The identity of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit
  • The fallacious tenets of Calvinistic theology and emphasizes that every man has personal choice.
  • The Bible as man's spiritual standard.
  • The New Testament as our Law today.
  • The destructive nature of sin.
  • The definition of and importance of faith, repentance, and confession.
  • God's Truths about baptism.
  • The uniqueness of the New Testament Church.
  • God-ordained worship in the Church.
  • Church organization and Christian living.

Product Details:

  • Hardcover, 441 pages.

About the Author:

Stephen W. Rogers is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University and David Lipscomb University. He has preached the Gospel for 44 years.

Stephen's loves are teaching the Bible in one-on-one evangelistic studies, in preaching the Word, and in teaching Bible Classes.

He enjoys traveling and teaching the Gospel throughout the world. He has preached in many states in the United States, in Europe (particularly in Belarus), and in Tanzania Africa.

He likes to do some risky things -- parasailing with his wife Vicky is a thrill; he also enjoys bungee jumping!

The last 8 years have presented great challenges in the lives of Vicky and Stephen. Vicky has been in a long, difficult battle with cancer. During that 8 years she has been on chemotherapy for 7 years. Faith in the Lord has been such a blessing; their marriage has been made even stronger as they have pulled together and served each other.

Stephen has authored evangelism material entitled "Evangelism Made Simple" and "The Gospel Made Simple" that are being used widely to teach people the precious Gospel. These materials are also available in Spanish. A correspondence course entitled "God's Will Made Simple" that is based upon the evangelism material is also available in English and in Spanish.

The book "Christian Living Made Simple -- You CAN LIVE It" challenges those who become Christians to live and to grow as God's children.

A book entitled How To Study Difficult Passages helps Christians learn how to be excellent students of the Bible.

And five books have been published entitled "Jesus Our Example." Most of Stephen's preaching about Jesus has been about WHO He is and what He teaches. In these books, the emphasis is upon how Jesus acted and reacted in situations in everyday life. Christians are challenged to seek to imitate Jesus in every situation in life!