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Jesus Our Example: Book 2

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Jesus Our Example Book 2 is the second of five books that focus upon the life of Jesus Christ -- what He did, how He acted, and how he reacted.

This book continues the examination into the life of Jesus -- looking at His example and challenging people to strive to imitate His glorious example, to be like Him!


"His Ministry Was Focused Upon People!"

"He Ate With Sinners In An Attempt To Influence Them"

"He Did Good On The Day Of Worship Even When He KNEW He Would Be Criticized!"

"He Delegated Responsibility And Authority!"

"The Focus Of His Teaching!"

"He Was Willing And Eager To Go And Assist!"

"He Was Eager To Help The Humble!"

"He Comforted The Bereaved!"

"He Answered The Inquisitive"

"He Was Non-Condemning To Penitent Sinners!"

"He Saw His Ties To His Spiritual Family As Greater Than His Ties To His Physical Family"

"He Taught In Parables"

"He Was A Calm In The Midst Of The Storm For Those Who Were Afraid!"