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Contend for the Faith: A Study of the Book of Jude with 21st Century Application

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Post-Christian America has removed the objective, authoritative Biblical standard out of the way and is quickly replacing it with the subjective. For many, life is now directed by feelings, desires, and personal freedom. Anything goes.

Everyone did what was right in his own eyes, Judges 17.6. There are many parallels to Israel’s decline and America’s decline. Like Israel’s, our culture has abandoned God. Morals are relative. Atheism and humanism are promoted at every turn. Truth … is whatever you decide it to be. The carnage and destruction left behind by these newly embraced ideals is all around.

So how do we respond? Scripture gives us the answer. Near the end of the New Testament is a small, perhaps obscure epistle known as Jude. Consisting of only 25 verses, we may pass right over it when considering modern Christian life. But inside, we find powerful exhortation to stand up against the growing tide of opposition. And not only that, we also discover how to respond effectively.

Jude lived during a time that demanded contending for the faith and so do we. How we respond and change going forward is of vital importance. In Contend for the Faith, Matthew Allen and Cain Atkinson examine the text and present practical applications on how Christians can be more effective in sharing Jesus and influencing others for good.

  • 112 pages; Coil Bound
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