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Colossians: Workbook/Commentary with 21st Century Application

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Colossians is a short, but powerful epistle of Paul. While the book deals with century-old theological matters, its solutions remain relevant for all time.

We are living during times of tremendous societal change. Some now refer to our era in America as Post-Christian, where the ideals of Christianity have either been forgotten or simply rejected. Outside the church, we have a segment of society who is largely influenced by human philosophy and tradition. More so, many now would rather be guided by their feelings and are offended by the objective truth of God’s word. One of the primary objectives of the Colossian letter is that Jesus is Lord. He is Creator. He is the source of truth. He is the objective standard, who will serve as Judge at the end of time. He is all in all.

In this workbook/commentary Matthew Allen shows how our faith is not rooted in the shifting sand of human philosophy, rather it is rooted and built up in him and established in the faith. Objective. Rock-solid. Unchanging. Something in which you can trust your soul. Run to that, embrace it, and trust in the all-sustaining power of our preeminent God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • 122 pages. 12 lessons. 
  • 6 x 9; coilbound
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