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Bible Micro-Line Color Pens (8-piece Set)

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8 Bible-safe fine-line pens are perfect for underlining and note-taking!

  • Color-coded to represent Bible study themes.
    • 7 colors plus black.
    • Archival pigment inks.
    • Waterproof and fade-proof.
    • No bleed-through.
    • 0.25mm tips.
    • Easy-storage clamshell case.
    • Case measures 5.325'' wide x 7'' high.

Convenient reusable clamshell-style storage case

Protects and organizes your pens
  • Clear storage case keeps your micro-line pens ready for use.
  • Perfect for taking your pens on the go to Bible study gatherings.
  • Transparent case measures 5.325'' wide x 7'' high.
Perfect for Bible study
  • Color-coded pens represent Bible study themes.
  • Bible color coding suggestions on back of package.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Create perfect lines with every use!
  • Super smooth writing every time!
  • Note: For best results, write or draw with even pressure.
  • Recap pens immediately after use.