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Beginning of Victory - A Study of Genesis

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We, the victorious army of God's people, look forward to an eternal home with our victorious King. But every story has a beginning. God reveals our beginning in Genesis. Our victorious story begins magnificently as the universe bursts forth by the mighty power of the self-existent God (the one exception to the rule about beginnings). Light, life, order, beauty. God declared that beginning very good. Sadly, the rest of our beginning went downhill after that.

In the midst of all this defeat and failure of man, God plants a seed of victory. He germinates a hope for something greater. A promised blessing begins. For all the wicked and vile beginnings we see in the story, we also see redemption, deliverance, and salvation. Recognizing that, we will be amazed this redemption, deliverance, and salvation happens with the very people who had allowed themselves to be so badly defeated. In that, we will see comfort for us. We will see the seeds and beginning of our victory.

1. Author and Audience
2. Beginnings and Themes: An Overview
3. In the Beginning, God
4. The Beginning of the Earth
5. The Beginning of Mankind
6. The Beginning of Sin
7. The Beginning of a Special People
8. The Beginning of Judgment
9. The Rebirth of Creation
10. The Beginning of the Nations
11. The Beginning of the Covenant
12. The End of Egypt
13. Tests of Faith
14. The Repetition of the Covenant
15. The Beginning of Israel's Story
16. Israel Returns to the Land
17. The Land's Inhabitants
18. The Beginning of Victory
19. Joseph's Victory
20. Israel's Victory
21. Joseph is a Blessing to Pharaoh
22. Blessings on the Tribes
23. Jacob and Joseph Die


The Leader Manual for this workbook is intended to provide the goal of each lesson and the direction for each section.
The same approach is followed for each lesson. The author begin's by sharing the lesson’s purpose. Then he provides the answers to the following four questions:
1. What do we want the class participants to know by the time this lesson is done?
2. Why do we want them to know it?
3. What do we want the class participants to do because of this lesson?
4. Why We Want Them to Do It

Format: Student Workbook
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