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Evidences of Christianity (Parts 1-4): J. W. McGarvey (Heritage of Faith Library)

by DeWard
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In this masterpiece of apologetics, McGarvey writes as a scholar who is thoroughly familiar with the most skeptical criticism of his day but at the same time completely persuaded that traditional views of the authorship, historical trustworthiness, and inspiration of Scripture are rationally defensible—a position more conservative than that held by most mainstream New Testament scholars today. But the change in the sociology of New Testament scholarship has been driven far more by philosophical fashion than by any change in the evidence itself. For just that reason, McGarvey’s Evidences of Christianity affords a much-needed counterbalance for those whose study of apologetics has been filtered through the lens of modernism.

Foreword by Timothy McGrew.

"For anyone who has never made any study of the evidences for the Christian faith, this book provides a point of entry that balances rigor with clarity. In many respects, it still provides a model introduction to the subject. It would be a significant gain for the cause of the kingdom if every minister of the Gospel today would read this book."

Timothy McGrew