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16 Quarter Overview of the Family Bible Study Series

Overview of the sixteen quarters of the Family
Bible Study Series:

QUARTER ONE: Getting To Know God. The purpose of this study is to give the student a basic understanding of the God-Family—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It will emphasize the nature and character of Deity as
well as the specific role and work of each person in the God-Family.

QUARTER TWO: God’s Plan For Man’s Salvation. The goal of this series is to impress upon the student’s mind that God had an eternal plan for man to be saved before the world was and to show the gradual unfolding
of that plan through the ages. The study begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation.

QUARTER THREE: The Church That Jesus Built. This study’s aim is to help the student appreciate and understand the nature, character, design, and purpose of the Lord’s church and how it differs from man-made churches. Emphasis will be given to the work, worship, and organization of the church.

QUARTER FOUR: In The Beginning. This quarter begins a chronological study of the history of the Old Testament with emphasis placed upon personal application to our daily lives. The main focus of this quarter is the
book of Genesis, with a brief glimpse at the book of Job.

QUARTER FIVE: Israel on the Move. Egyptian bondage, wilderness wanderings, and conquest of Canaan are the major periods of Old Testament history covered in this survey. The student is impressed with
God’s care, His faithfulness to His people, and the punishment of disobedience.

QUARTER SIX: The United Kingdom. The period of Israel’s history during the judges and kings is covered in this quarter. The story of Ruth occurs within this time and probably most of the wisdom literature, which is briefly surveyed, was written during this period of Israel’s history.

QUARTER SEVEN: The Divided Kingdom. This final series of Old Testament study covers the division of Israel, her captivity, and restoration. We will also overview the major and minor prophets as they fit into this time frame. Some attention will be given to prophecies relating to the coming of Christ.

QUARTER EIGHT: God’s Plan For The Family. In contrast to modern day theories and arrangements, this study will show God’s plan and design for the home. Special emphasis will be placed upon God’s marriage laws,
the duties of husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, and parents and children.

QUARTER NINE: By What Authority? As Jesus was asked the question, “By what authority are you doing these things?” so it is today that people still ask, “Why do you believe what you do?” This quarter will cover the basis and application of authority as it relates to the church, home, and civil powers.

QUARTER TEN: In His Steps, Part One. This two-part study covers the life of Christ as taken from the four accounts of the gospel, which amounts to 45% of the entire New Testament. Part one covers Jesus’ birth to the Galilean ministry. Attention is paid to studying these events in chronological order.

QUARTER ELEVEN: In His Steps, Part Two. This section covers the later Judean ministry of Jesus through His resurrection and ascension. Both of these quarters cover His life according to the eight major periods. By learning
more about Jesus, we are able to follow His examples and walk in His steps.

QUARTER TWELVE: The Acts Of The Apostles. If you think of the Bible as a big wheel, with the rim and the
spokes going out, Acts is the hub! In this important study we will learn about the establishment of the church, its
growth and development, and the work of Peter and Paul in preaching Christ.

QUARTER THIRTEEN: Themes From The Epistles. Students need to understand the basic themes of the New
Testament epistles. With this goal in mind, this quarter is spent in such a survey. Since the four gospels and Acts
have been covered, this study begins with Romans and ends with Colossians.

QUARTER FOURTEEN: Lessons From New Testament Letters. Students, teachers, and parents should keep in mind that this survey is simply an overview to familiarize us with the purpose, theme, and background of these
letters. This quarter covers 1 Thessalonians through Revelation.

QUARTER FIFTEEN: As He Thinketh. Based on Proverbs 23:7, “As he thinketh in his heart, so is he,” this quarter’s purpose is to show how our actions, words, and very character are the result of our thoughts. This study will help the student in a very practical way toward attitude development.

QUARTER SIXTEEN: Things Most Surely Believed. Often referred to as “evidences,” the purpose of this study is to show that our faith in God, Christ, and the Bible are based on solid, sound evidence. Both internal and
external evidences will be examined. This study will help you defend your faith.