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Spiritbuilding News Update

Spiritbuilding Weekly Update

Fall is in full swing here in Ohio .. the leaves are at their peak ... football is in mid-season form ... and we're selling books!

Finally, a few months at home

We are thankful to slow down a little after a very busy summer filled with travel all over the Midwest and Southeast. Over the course of 2023, Spiritbuilding has been represented at a number of lectureships across the south and Midwest, including Arkansas, multiple events in Tennessee, Alabama, and right here in Ohio. We have a full travel schedule planned for '24 with events in Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, and Arkansas. Do you know of an event where we could display our books and workbooks? Let us know!

New Releases

We're excited to publish L.A. Stauffer's book/workbook on the Restoration Movement. With a planned release around the first of November, The Restoration Movement: Speaking as the Oracles of God is a 104-page book that covers the fascinating history of the American Restoration Movement. L. A. Stauffer introduces a diverse array of visionary leaders who played pivotable roles, including John Glas, Robert Sandeman, Barton W. Stone, Thomas & Alexander Campbell, and Walter Scott. Each chapter is concluded with discussion questions. This book will make a great addition to your personal library and is suitable for individual, class, and small group study. Look for more information in the coming weeks about this book.

We're also excited to release Ethan Longhenry's new book on reaching the lost. In The ONE Story: Sharing in His Life Now and Foreverwe explore how God is one and made humanity in his image; what God has done to reconcile us to himself and to one another; and how the whole story can be understood in terms of reconciliation and unity. This book will be a great tool for sharing the gospel with the lost. We're putting the finishing touches on the cover this week & will send it off for print next week. Our target for release will is around the first of November.

Don't Forget to Save!

Between now and October 31 you can save 15% off your order when you enter discount code SAVE15 at checkout! 

Also, if you're into Coffee, our Ventu authentic Colombian coffee is on sale for only $15.99, you save $3 per bag! 

Books We Like

If you're getting ready for the holiday season, here are three books to consider:

Be Great Everyday! by Glenn EidsonBe Great Everyday by Glenn Eidson provides you with 365 devotionals, ensuring you have a source of encouragement and guidance throughout the year. The devotional prompts you to reflect on God's care and provision as you start your day, offering hope and inspiration. There is ample space for you to journal your own thoughts, allowing you to engage more deeply with the material and personalize your spiritual journey. 
TThe Worthy Woman's Daily Journal by Michelle Thompsonhe Worthy Woman's Daily Journal by Michelle Thompson has been specially crafted for women navigating the complexities of life. This daily guide combines scripture reading and journaling to offer solace, motivation, and a pathway to inner peace.  The Worthy Woman's Daily Journal offers a spiritual refuge to anyone feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or discouraged by the state of the world. 

Organized into weekly themes, this journal encourages you to engage with scripture, reflect on its teachings, and cultivate faith in your daily life. 

$19.99 or $24.99 when you pair this journal with The Worthy Woman's Handbook also written by Michelle! Just look for the bundle option at the bottom of each product listing page.

A Study of the Book of Psalms by Chad SychtyszA Study of the Book of Psalms by Chad Sychtysz is a great overview of this beloved part of Old Testament Scripture. The Psalms provide the communication and spiritual mindset that believers need in order to draw near in fellowship to God. To read and pray the Psalms is to join the voices of numberless people who too have read and prayed them, have felt their joy, anguish, and indignation. There is no better way to enter the spirit of Israelite history and the faith of this people of antiquity than through this book. Perfect for personal or class study.


Thank You!

We appreciate all of you who buy from Spiritbuilding! That'll do it for this week's update. See you soon!

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