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Proud to Partner with Eden Hollow Books

Proud to Partner with Eden Hollow Books

Spiritbuilding Publishers is excited to add two books (with more to come) published by Eden Hollow Books of Pinson, AL. Adam Shanks has a blog, various workbooks, home school material, and art for sale on his website. We think you will really like his latest two books, both centering on Bible study. 

Laying the Tracks takes an interactive approach at helping you create pathways through the Bible, marking verse by verse through various topics. Topics include issues of salvation, for instance whether someone can be good enough to be saved by their own merit, or whether they can be so bad that they no longer have salvation available to them. Other topics include finances, marriage and divorce, raising children, and worship. 

The Word Revealed is designed to help you as an individual learn to use your Bible, dig deeper into its teachings, and learn how to correctly develop a correct understanding. Each of its twenty-six lessons are split into three days of activities, giving you a great opportunity to develop the habit of regular study of God's Word. 

Check these new books out for only $8.99 each!

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