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Now Selling Colombian Coffee!

Now Selling Colombian Coffee!

I began traveling to Colombia in 2011 and immediately fell in love with the coffee. On subsequent trips I started taking an extra suitcase with me for the express purpose of carrying home as much coffee as I could fit. Smooth, never bitter, this premium Coffee comes from a coffee farm SW of Manizales, Caldas in Colombia's famous coffee belt. 

In 2017, I got to visit the farm owned by Antonio Restrepo, who affectionally calls it The House of the Wind. In 2021 he established Cafe Ventu and has chosen me as his exclusive vendor for North America. Spiritbuilding is excited to add Ventu Coffee to its product lineup.

Grown at over 5500 feet in central Colombia's coffee belt, a portion of each purchase of our Ventu Roasted Coffee will go to support the coffee farmers who live there.

Floral Sweet Fragrance. Bitter-fruity chocolate and caramel. Creamy body. Medium roast. Medium grind.

Available in whole bean or ground.

Buy here.

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