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What the Bible Says About God the Creator, Rule, Redeemer: God Most High by Jack Cottrell

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Obviously, there are situations that are not directly addressed in the Bible because of societal changes, culture, and technology. Yet, if the Bible is the ultimate authority on life and relationships, it is the essential source of information that will impact everyday decisions.

The most important relationship that any individual will ever experience is the relationship he or she has with God. Understanding more about God as the Creator, Ruler, and Redeemer of mankind can assist greatly in making that relationship deeper and more meaningful.

In this comprehensive and thought-provoking book, Dr. Jack Cottrell takes us on a thorough journey through Scripture, in order to gain a deeper understanding of what the Bible Says about God, a Creator, Ruler, and Redeemer.

Dr. Cottrell's meticulous and careful approach to the subject makes this a valuable resource for personal or professional study.

What The Bible Says About God The Creator, Ruler, Redeemer: God Most High has 25 chapters and 466 pages.