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What Can You Expect When You Visit?

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In many churches you are welcome to visit, but the worship is really limited to the members. We want you to know that you are our honored guest when you visit with us. You will not be singled out or embarrassed in any way, but please feel free to participate in our Bible study discussions, if you so desire. They are open studies to gain a greater insight into God’s word and your questions and/or answers are welcome. Do not feel obligated to give money on the Lord’s Day when the plate is passed (the ONLY time it is passed). You are our guest, not our customer. When the Lord’s Supper is served each and every Sunday, it is not mandatory, but if you wish, please feel free to partake. 1 Corinthians 11:28 teaches that each one should examine himself, not those around them. We will not exclude anyone from worshipping our God. If you visit with us we want you to feel comfortable enough to focus your mind on spiritual things and then want to come back again.

You and your family will always receive a genuine and warm welcome with the church of Christ. By Carl McMurray.

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