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Theme of the Bible by Ferrel Jenkins

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THE THEME OF THE BIBLE - A Study in the Scheme of Redemption

This book has been widely used in church and college classes since the first published edition in the 1960s. The course has enabled many people to come to an understanding of the scheme of redemption and to grasp more fully the entire Biblical record. This major revision, which comes after years of teaching the scheme of redemption, will again give individuals and classes the help they need to study the subject in a logical, organized manner.

The author states that "the scheme of redemption is the theme of the Bible." He then systematically develops the topics necessary to a proper understanding of the whole subject. Lessons on God, creation, the nature of man, and the fall prepare one for the first promise of redemption. The promises to Abraham and David allow one to see the historical development of God's plan which is fulfilled in Christ. Emphasis is given to the revelation of God's mystery and importance of Christ and the church. Other lessons cover future events, the covenants, blood (the sacrificial system), and the revelation of God's purpose.

Revised Edition.
by Ferrell Jenkins.
Paperback, 90 pages.