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Study Guide for GRACE: Simply Incredible, Incredibly Simple

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d&d Publishing is excited to announce the release of a Study Guide to Dan Winkler’s book, GRACE–Simply Incredible, Incredibly Simple. The Guide is designed to bring the book’s encouraging message to Bible classes and small group studies.

The Study Guide Includes:

  • The physical booklet
  • Immediate access to a digital (PDF) version of the Study Guide
  • Twelve videos that go along with each lesson. Watch the videos directly from YouTube and Mathetis, or purchase the DVD.

What’s Inside:

  • The study guide includes twelve lessons inspired by the book, “Grace – Simply Incredible, Incredibly Simple.” This study is most successful when every student has a copy of the book to read on their own.
  • Each lesson comes includes a:
    • “Lesson Objective”
    • “Study Sheet” for students which includes:
      • “Study Starter” questions to simulate interest and discussion
      • “Study Harder” questions that will take the student to the corresponding pages in the book for answers
    • “Lesson Outline” for the teacher which includes:
      • Answers to the “Study Starter” questions
      • Suggestions on what to listen for in the video.
      • Answers to the “Study Harder” questions.
      • Additional thoughts and a memory verse.