In Search of Christian Confidence
In Search of Christian Confidence
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In Search of Christian Confidence

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Finding the confidence we need to face the challenges of life...

One segment of the world describes modern Christianity as violent, bigoted and oppressive. Another segment presents Christianity as a system to attain personal success and material wealth. The rest of the world declares that good self-esteem and faith in the human spirit is the answer to life’s questions. It is in these worldly pressures that we sometimes find our confidence shaken and we begin to wonder why we do what we do. We wonder why the world seems happy and as a Christians we are subject to being unhappy and down at times.

“In search of Christian Confidence” is a series of lessons to examine God’s plan for mankind and how He values His creation. John M. Baughn intends to help us find the confidence that we need to face life’s challenges.

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