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Saving Souls in the 21st Century by James E. Sanderson III

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An easy-to-use workbook in personal evangelism. Answering the most asked questions by people who are seeking Jesus. A must have for every Christian.

James says:

In the area of evangelism, I have seen in the church do many good things over the years. We do pretty well at asking people to come to church services. We do a wonderful job of meeting people's needs through special events and outreach programs. The church has done nicely at living a good life and being a good example to the community for Jesus. All of these things are vital and commanded in the area of evangelism. Yet here is what I see the church weak in. Sitting across the table with someone with an open Bible in hand. Less and less Christians today are actively engaging with people in studying the Bible. Yet according to the Bible, once cannot be saved or have faith apart from hearing the gospel message. Why is this happening? There are many reasons, yet the one I hear the most is that "Christians don't feel that they know the Bible well enough to answer people's questions that pertain to salvation." Even as a preacher the church of Christ, I have felt those same fears many times! Yet we may be their only hope! So, we have to keep trying, and that is where this workbook might help. I have compiled in one volume, biblical answers to the most asking questions that people are asking today. All in the hopes of leading people to a saved standing with Jesus. I pray this workbook will help you lead your family, friends, and neighbors to salvation through Jesus Christ!

  • 226 Pages
  • Softcover