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Romans for Everyone

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It seems that for many Christians Romans is fascinating but also ... difficult. And sometimes all that the "experts" say, as they had in commentaries and thoughts from scholars and preachers, just confuses things all the more. What if we could sit down over a good cup of coffee and just read Romans? Try to hear what Paul was saying to that original audience, the church in the first century in the capital city of the Roman Empire? That is what this book is about. It's like you're in a small group discussion in a local coffee shop, working through Romans. The author, Mark Roberts (gospel preacher for more than 30 years), will be there too - helping and pointing to what Paul wants to say and how we need to listen to that message. Doing that finds Romans not to be nearly as complicated as some make it out to be! As a bonus, along the way Mark will give some great tips on how to make and enjoy great coffee. It's the Coffee and the Bible Series, where we make every effort to see what the Bible says as we enjoy a really great cup of coffee!