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Redemption on the Hinkston: A Story of Grief and Redemption

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 The Hinkston Creek Valley was a wonderful and blessed place to live. There was no more exciting and entertaining place in which a person, especially a young man, could live and thrive. The delightful creek with its fish, tadpoles, snakes, and deep swimming holes was everything a young man could want in the decades leading up to the bloodiest conflict in American history. There were forests to explore, trees to climb, rabbits to hunt, fish to catch, and every diversion from chores any young man could imagine. A young man could enjoy countless hours along the creek bank with a fishing pole in his hand, the sun warming his face on an early spring day.

From the Back Cover:

Through the voices of each character, John A. Smith covers the emotional gamut and paints a timeless picture of the delicate relationship between parent/child, the anguish of slavery, and one man's courageous attempt to end the horror, and of love found/love lost. Having grown up in Montgomery County, I could see every fishing hole, feel the cool grass with gentle breeze and taste every mouth-watering, country-cooked meal. From the opening paragraph through closing chapter, this riveting story of redemption and rebirth is still relevant today. Extra surprises at the back of the book "put icing on the cake."

Connie Rode, Hummelstown, PA.

Redemption on the Hinkston: A heartrending story of a Kentucky family in the 1860's. This takes me back to my Kentucky roots and familiar places where young Tom grew into manhood much too soon. A story with a good lesson on grace, mercy, and forgiveness. This sweet story reminds us that our faith is made stronger by our trials.

Carolyn White, Conway, AR.

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