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Reaching Forward: Daily Motivation to Move Ahead More Steadily


Is there anything about tomorrow worth reaching for?

Reaching Forward contains 366 daily meditations that are designed to pull you out of the past. These readings will give you a higher vision of tomorrow, while reminding you of today’s simple duties. You will see a better connection between today and tomorrow. Whoever you are, you’ve made mistakes. Your past is marred and broken. But you also have a future — and that future depends upon the choices you are making right now. This book goes beyond spiritual theory into the practical realm of day-to-day decisions. As it probes the issues of hope, self-discipline, and courage, Reaching Forward will:

  • Challenge you to consider the idea of eternity more carefully    
  • Help you to sharpen your spiritual goals    
  • Encourage you to be more forward-looking    
  • Show you how to use the present to build a better future    
  • Motivate you to live your life more decisively

Don’t settle for what you were yesterday. Reaching Forward is a book about stretching ourselves and pressing ahead. It is truly a "Daily Motivation to Move Ahead." Are you ready to reach for the better things? What about the best things? This daily devotional is a follow-up to Diligently Seeking God, the immensely popular book also written by Gary Henry. It is also the Fourth Volume in Gary Henry's WordPoints Daybook Series.